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CZ - Cubic Zircon


we provide cubic zircon for setting in varity of colors, shapes and sizes.

Our quality is very good and we have strickt sorting.


All CZ comes in the folowing cutting: Facet (Diamond) Cut, Cabochone, Brilet, half briolet and beads.


The folowing shapes are available: Oval, Octagon, Pear, Maquise, Baguette, Square, Round, Triangle, Trilion, Hexagone, Facet Beads, Cube Beads, Pear shape beads.

We can also produce special shapes such as: Star Of David, Leaf, Rhombus, Trapezoid and any other shapes according to the customers demand.


CZ can come in any sizes available - from te smalles ones to very big sizes - according the demands.



Machine Cut CZ:


We provide Chinese Machine Cut CZ (5A Quality) in sizes 0.9mm up to 3.00mm (every one tenth of a millimeter) 




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